It is essential to recognise the knowledge and experience gap of first-time property buyers and sellers in the UK property market if we are to help them to progress up the property ladder.

We have recognised the need to educate and inform new entrants to the market in a space where the complexity of buying and selling UK property is well known and can be an unfathomable maze. A number of these buyers and sellers are unaware of what is required or available for them, e.g:

  • First Time Buyer Relief from stamp duty land tax (SDLT).
  • The processes and information required when buying or selling property in the UK (e.g. anti-money laundering requirements, which some people think is only to do with foreign buyers and sellers rather than locals).
  • How to price and market their property and what helps to sell a house more quickly.


Our Mission at GS Ansell Property includes educating and providing guidance, thereby enabling as many people as possible to succeed in their property journey.  One way we do this is by offering Mentoring Programmes aimed (mainly) at first-time domestic and foreign property buyers and sellers, providing them with much-needed information, advice and support through this potentially stressful period.

We provide a unique service with the Mentoring Programmes for buying and selling UK property as these are delivered via scheduled one-to-one telephone consultations. This manner of delivery is designed to maximise value for those receiving the knowledge. This means you get the benefit of your Mentor being committed to you for your entire Programme.

Your chosen Programme is tailored according to what your needs are at the time. These Programmes provide guidance for the most expensive investment of your life. The mentoring helps you to grow in confidence and make informed decisions.

Property transactions in the UK are complex and differ from property rules and regulations in other countries. Consequently, while a number of our Property Mentoring Clients are local, our clientele also includes those overseas wanting to understand how to buy and sell property in the UK. Effective mentoring for our foreign Clients means they are prepared in advance, especially if they are travelling to the UK to transact their purchase and/or sale.

Even when our Clients are using our Consulting Services to help them source, buy and sell their properties, our Property Mentoring Programmes help them to understand the processes, activities and timelines within the purchase and sale cycles and set the context for their transactions.


Our specialist Programmes differ from the mainstream property investment mentoring programmes in that Mentors provide knowledge and guidance in one-to-one sessions directly to the individuals involved in buying or selling their own property.

We offer three Property Mentoring Programmes, each providing:

  • Information, knowledge, guidance and recommendations based on our experience and expertise so that you have all the information you need to progress.
  • Direction, guidance and recommendations to engage with the right professionals to help you from start to finish.
  • Advice and support to resolve issues through each of the specific phases, whether you are buying or selling property.
  • Assistance with developing emotional resilience so that you can face the challenging circumstances that a property purchase and/or sale can confront you with.

All Mentoring Programmes are organised into logical components, with each created to make a genuine difference to you during your progression within a property purchase and/or sale phase. There are two separate property purchase-related Programmes (due to the complexity of purchasing property in the UK) and one Property Selling Programme.

Our Property Mentoring Programmes are detailed below. Learn all you need to know as a first-time property buyer or seller and fast-track your way to success.  We are here to guide you through your property purchase and/or sale journey so that it is as easy, smooth, exciting and successful as possible!

Pre-Purchase Mentoring Programme

This Programme addresses the planning and activities in readiness for purchasing a property, covering the following:

  • Confirming your strategy and planning and detailing your property requirements.
  • Registering interest with agents and other professionals.
  • Pre-purchase due diligence and starting your property search.
  • Property suitability vs requirements.
  • Preparation for purchase, including financial readiness and obtaining a mortgage in principle.
  • Mentoring sessions will also include:
  • Discussions on progress, queries, challenges and priorities with advice on resolving issues.
  • Top Tips on due diligence and guidance on areas requiring clarity.

Property Purchasing Mentoring Programme

This Programme covers processes and activities directly related to purchasing property once planning is completed, including:

  • Pre-offer due diligence and property viewing analysis.
  • Constructing an effective offer to purchase, including personal situation.
  • Making the offer and conducting negotiations up to acceptance of offer.
  • Preparation for Exchange and Completion of Contracts.
  • Completing the plan and starting the preparation for your move.
  • Mentoring sessions will also include:
  • Discussions on progress, queries, challenges and priorities with advice on resolving issues.
  • Top Tips on buying property and guidance on areas requiring clarity.

Property Selling Mentoring Programme

This Programme deals with the particulars of how to prepare, present, market and sell your property, and covers:

  • Pre-sales due diligence, including engaging professionals.
  • Property preparation, staging, pricing and marketing, including Assignment of Rights to Photographs.
  • Advice on viewings, offers and conducting negotiations to offer acceptance.
  • Preparations for Exchange and Completion of Contracts.
  • Planning for your move.
  • Mentoring sessions will also include:
  • Discussions on progress, queries, challenges and priorities with advice on resolving issues.
  • Top Tips on selling property and guidance on areas requiring clarity.

Mentoring Programmes – Structure & Price

  • Each Property Mentoring Programme consists of 6 hours.
  • Sessions are conducted via phone calls.
  • Session time can be utilised as required and according to individual needs, e.g. three 2-hour sessions, or all 6 hours booked in one week.
  • The price of each Programme is £1,297 + VAT.
    January Sale discount of £300 applies for each Programme – now for only £997 + VAT. Offer valid until 31 January 2020.
  • Bespoke options are also available, with duration modified within the above Programmes, or a new one designed according to individual need and availability.
  • Mentoring sessions are scheduled as soon as purchase is confirmed and are subject to availability.

To book your Property Mentoring Programme, or discuss your mentoring needs and how we can assist you, please contact us on (+44) 776 342 0000 or

Call us for a free 30-minute consultation – we look forward to hearing from you!