GS Ansell Property is a property-focused professional service provider and specialist consultancy, based in the UK. We maintain an independent and unbiased view of properties, on and off the open market, expanding your choice.

We have distinguished our business with the launch of specialist services, addressing demand from global High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and luxury property investors. We are now offering enhanced delivery, enabling the acceleration of sourcing, acquisition and divestment of prime UK residential property on behalf of domestic and foreign Clients.

Our unique ‘Client First’ end-to-end philosophy and Service Model offers exceptional facilitation and delivery, with all essential activities managed in-house. This service includes having a dedicated in situ Client Portfolio Manager who becomes the single point of contact and central conduit for all activities and professionals, handling your transaction and accelerating the entire property sourcing, purchase or sale on your behalf. Our fully managed service results in a seamless experience for you, saving your time, effort and money.


We oversee and manage the sourcing, acquisition and divestment of UK residential property for private clients, whether they are first-time buyers or experienced investors. We have also provided consultancy services to KPMG, PwC, Shell, Unilever, Barclays, UBS, RBS, Lloyds, MUFG Bank, BNP Paribas, Merrill Lynch, Ansbacher Group and Transport for London.

As founders of GS Ansell Property, we have over 35 years combined industry experience in the UK property market, having bought, renovated and sold properties in London since 2001. We are also Amazon Bestselling Authors of The Property Handbook (available from Amazon and Waterstones).


There are a number of reasons why property in the UK is in demand.  UK properties are sound and globally known to benefit those invested in preserving wealth and personal stability. London is an innovative commercial centre providing opportunities to join influential networks which contribute to professional success. It’s location allows for the maximum amount of contact time with others in a similar time zone.  British history, tradition and culture is universally renowned.  The UK’s internationally recognised, reputable and prestigious educational organisations are unparalleled, attracting students from across the world.  The super-rich expect to experience luxury living in the UK, and they are not disappointed.


Knight Frank states in it’s annual Wealth Report:

  • A record 26% of global ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) are planning to emigrate this year.
  • Growing economic risk and political uncertainty simmering alongside positive sentiment among the world’s wealthy – the majority of UHNWIs expect their wealth to increase in 2019 according to the annual Attitudes Survey – is fuelling enthusiasm for overseas property investment where permanent residency and second citizenships are within easy reach, subject to funds. 
  • Research shows that just over half of Latin America’s UHNW population – a staggering 56% – are planning to buy new homes outside of their country of residence in 2019, followed by 25% of Asia’s wealthy, 27% of Middle Eastern ultra-rich and 21% of UHNWI’s based in Europe.

According to The Guardian:

  • London will retain its title as the world’s number one city for UHNWI residents despite concerns about Brexit, because the fall in the value of the pound against global currencies has made luxury UK property appear “a bargain” to wealthy foreign buyers, according to Knight Frank’s annual wealth report.
  • London is home to 4,944 UHNWIs (with over £30 million in assets in the capital), more than Singapore with 3,598 and New York’s 3,378. The number in the UK capital is expected to rise to 6,015 by 2023.
  • Liam Bailey, Knight Frank’s global head of research, said “Hard Brexit, no Brexit, Brexit-lite – whatever the outcome, London will remain the leading global wealth centre in 2019.”

The Mortgage Market Gazette has reported the following:

  • Bricks and mortar remains one of the most popular investment asset classes among wealthy individuals. But beyond treating a property as an investment, there are many other reasons they might purchase a luxury house or flat; it could be used as a holiday home, for example, or somewhere for a child to live while studying at university.
  • Brexit is not derailing demand for HNW mortgages.
  • Demand among domestic and foreign buyers for high-end properties has held strong, particularly when it comes to prime central London (PCL).
  • Figures released by HMRC in January 2019 showed there was a 50% increase in the number of homes sold for over £10 million between the start of 2017 and 2018. Moreover, in that same 12-month period, the number of homes that sold for more than £1 million exceeded 20,000 for the first time. The majority of these are within the PCL market.
  • Anecdotal evidence would certainly tell you that some HNWs have adopted a “wait and see” mentality, waiting for the Brexit fallout to pass before buying or selling a property. But the HMRC data illustrates that interest and activity remains at healthy levels. Furthermore, the level of demand still present at the top of the London market is supported by predictions from Savills, which has suggested that PCL property prices will grow by 12.4% between 2019 and 2023.

In summary, data shows that there is healthy confidence in the market and activity is being maintained by domestic and foreign buyers.


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