The Property Handbook: Your Essential Guide – How To Buy, Renovate, Stage, Sell and Move

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Are you struggling with buying, renovating, selling or moving home?
Are you asking, “Why the long phase?” when buying & selling?
Can you spot a bargain buy from a money pit?
Are you falling victim to gazumping, gazundering or gazanging?
Are you losing your life savings and sanity to cowboy builders?

Our first house was wrecked by cowboy builders. It was 17 years ago, we had arrived in the UK from New Zealand, it was winter, we had no heating, insulation, power or even a kitchen. The ‘builders’ had walked off the job, leaving us to a Christmas surrounded by rubble. It was our dream home but became a horror story. We were devastated, and our life savings drained. You may know how this feels.

Determined to make our property dream work, we have since bought, renovated and sold many properties, moved over 15 times, experienced dodgy sellers, ghost gazumping and much more. “We see so many people investing their life savings and making the same mistakes we did. It ruins them financially and that is why we decided to write this book.

We share our essential tips and practical steps to maximise your money, avoid pitfalls and reduce stress. The principles we share have secured us 31% uplift across our properties within 9 to 24 months of buying, renovating and selling each in a range of economic markets. If we can do it, you can too!

Our book will show you how to:

Buy property efficiently and with confidence
Renovate fashionably and resourcefully within your budget
Stage your property using effective techniques
Sell your property quickly and for top money
Move home smoothly and with less stress
Deal with issues and conflict while staying sane
Use innovative checklists to help you manage tasks