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When you are buying your home or investment property, there are many potential pitfalls to be aware of, as well as many activities that you and others will need to undertake. We have developed procedures, tools, administrative structures and systems to progress through all the steps required when buying a property because we know what to expect and how to navigate through the issues to find resolution.


We are alert to the many factors that need to be considered when renovating properties. We have amassed knowledge and expertise for the activities required to successfully complete your property’s refurbishment. We understand the significance of effective planning and the importance of on-time, on-budget delivery. We have the experience to renovate properties skilfully, creatively and to budget.

Interior Design & Decorating

We plan your project using interior design elements, principles, styles and themes that apply to your property. We undertake designing and decorating through the use of colour, transformational mediums, fabrics and soft furnishings to enhance and complement your property, developing your own unique design style and making the most impact in a creative and cost-effective manner.


Staging your property for sale is crucial in helping a buyer visualise the potential lifestyle you are offering. Staging is also critical for selling your property quickly and as close to the asking price as possible. We give your home the “WOW!” factor, making it attractive and appealing by transforming and dressing designated spaces. And if you are also looking to buy or rent furniture, furnishings or accessories, we can provide a bespoke solution.


When selling your home, you need to be aware of internal and external influences that could impact your sale. While it can be seen as a positive change when you’re upsizing, selling your home can also be a stressful time. It can be a particularly emotionally challenging time if you are involved in selling and downsizing from a family home. We provide professional and friendly assistance through this process so that all your sales requirements are taken care of.


Moving home can be really stressful and a time of upheaval. We have moved multiple times and also assisted our families with downsizing, so we know the physical challenges of this significant undertaking and the emotional difficulties of the process. We plan, prepare, organise and complete this stage as smoothly and comfortably as possible for you, whether you are using a professional moving company or undertaking the move yourself.


Do It Yourself (DIY)

Our book explains how to buy or sell a property, undertake a home renovation project, stage a house for sale or move home. There is also a chapter dedicated to interior design and decorating concepts and how you can apply these ideas. Additionally, we have included information on stress, conflict and issue management. The Q&A section provides guidance on renovation projects and a resource list supplies useful links and information. Whether you’re a local home owner or an international developer, this book is packed with insider tips, checklists and tools to fast track your property success.

Do It With You (DIWY)

Our DIWY service offers coaching and direction. Enrolling in this advisory service means you have experienced professionals you can turn to for unbiased views, as well as experts who will be your advocates during the property phase you are involved in. This service is based on consultations and provides you with support and guidance while you are navigating through the activities during any of the phases. It means we will hold your hand as you are buying, renovating, staging, selling or moving home, and you don’t have to undertake any part of this journey on your own because we will be there to help you, wherever you or we are.

Do It For You (DIFY)

We offer a DIFY service either by undertaking the project ourselves or through our trusted outsourcing partners, whether it's sourcing properties, products or trades people. We can facilitate during the phases or completely hand over to partners who can manage your project until completion. Our DIFY service aims to enhance your experience when you are buying, renovating, staging, selling or moving home. You will be more comfortable with the process, confident in the knowledge that specialists have undertaken and delivered to your needs and managed complex requirements for all parties while minimising stress for you.

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