Property Consulting & Advisory Services

What we do

We administer, manage and advise on UK residential property purchase and sale transactions, dealing with all parties on your behalf so you don’t have to spend your valuable resources and time on these activities. This process can start from planning the purchase and sale to Completion of Contracts.

Our unique end-to-end ‘Customer First’ philosophy and Service Model adds value by providing a personal and complete service across the entire property sourcing, buying and selling processes. We assist by acting as your advisor or personal representative, engaging and collaborating on your behalf. We become the single point of contact and central conduit for all activities and parties, resolving issues rapidly and providing you with progress updates. Our complete fully managed service results in a seamless experience for you, saving your time, effort and money.

Additionally, we provide practical guidance, options and recommendations to assist with the following activities:

  • Feasibility studies for initiatives
  • Due diligence prior to entering contracts
  • Property negotiations
  • Procuring and managing Suppliers
  • Contract management
  • Business cases to progress projects
  • Project management and assurance
  • Support services, e.g. Challenge Panels, facilitation and reporting


We source residential UK properties on behalf of domestic and foreign Customers, utilising our extensive networks and resources to identify relevant on or off market properties. We co-ordinate and facilitate the sourcing, providing advice on the intricate processes and timelines that are particular to UK land ownership and discharge. We provide you with independent and unbiased recommendations, handpicking the best for you.


We administer and manage the purchase transaction, while providing advice and oversight. We know how to navigate through the complexities and issues to find resolution. We have developed procedures, tools, administrative structures and systems to progress through all the steps required when buying property in the UK. We can assist you with accelerating the purchase of your property, saving you time, effort and money.


We manage the sale of your property, navigating through the intricacies particular to the UK. We focus on the proactive management of the complex and time-consuming activities and tasks at hand. We provide transparent assistance throughout this process, taking care of all your requirements and keeping you updated on progress. You can take a stress-free, hands-off approach, knowing your property sale is under professional control.

Start your property journey with us today to experience the value and customer service we are renowned for – we will open doors for you.