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GS Ansell Property sources exclusive and desirable UK residential properties for global clients. Our independent and unbiased view of the entire stock of properties on the market broadens the choice for your purchase. Client Portfolio Managers provide sourcing facilitation and advice on the intricate processes and timelines that surround UK land ownership and discharge. We deal with a range of properties, handpicking the best for you.


Dedicated Client Portfolio Managers offer enhanced management services to assist you with your acquisition. We know how to navigate through the complexities and issues to find resolution. We have developed procedures, tools, administrative structures and systems to progress through all the steps required when buying property in the UK. We can assist you with accelerating the purchase of your property while saving you time, effort and money.


Our enhanced service includes Client Portfolio Managers navigating through the complexities of divesting property in the UK on your behalf. We focus on the proactive management of the protracted processes and tasks at hand, while you take a stress-free, hands-off approach, knowing your investment is under professional control. We provide professional and transparent assistance through this process, taking care of all your requirements.