How do you stage your property for sale? And where can you go for a complete list of things to consider and do?  Our comprehensive Checklist below will help you to navigate through all the activities, from planning your staging tasks to viewings which will impress your potential buyers!


Key activities and planning

  • Decide on key activities to undertake and where to apply your money, time and effort.
  • Define the type of buyer you are targeting and prepare a cohesive styling plan.
  • Review houses for sale in the neighbourhood to see how you can stand out.
  • Walk through each room, taking notes and photos of areas that need attention.
  • Decide on your budget for staging.
  • Obtain planning permission and quotes from the specific trades for any work required.

Professional versus DIY home staging

  • Educate yourself on home staging or budget for a home staging professional.
  • Obtain input from local agents on improvement and presentation requirements.


  • De-clutter your home inside and out well before your move.
  • Remove bulky items and rearrange furniture for ease of access, flow and balance.
  • Remove all excess items, collectables and books and put surplus items into storage.
  • Sell, give away or donate other items to family, friends and charities.
  • Organise offsite storage space and hire a skip to throw away remaining items.

Repair and redecorate

  • Undertake any repairs required inside and outside.
  • Repair any doors, locks, handles and hinges and clear all doorways, inside and out.
  • Re-grout all tiled areas and apply new silicone to kitchen, bathroom and utility.
  • Ensure all areas can be accessed, including lofts, basements, sheds and outbuildings.
  • If the loft has a pull-down ladder, make sure it is sturdy and works well.
  • Have any damaged or cracked windows repaired and missing putty replaced.
  • Repair and repaint all woodwork, windows and doors as needed.
  • Paint walls and ceilings in all rooms using harmonising neutral colour schemes.
  • Wallpaper feature walls as focal points for colour and interest.
  • Put up wall and floor mirrors, prints and artworks on walls.
  • Use soft furnishings, accessories, plants and flowers to brighten rooms.

Plumbing and heating

  • Ensure the boiler, radiators and central heating system are all working.
  • Make sure the water pressure is reasonable, with all showers and taps functioning.
  • Ensure that the lounge and dining room fires are operating.
  • Have the heating set to be on for viewings if selling your home in the winter.

Lighting and electrics

  • Make certain that lights and switches are working properly.
  • Ensure electrical controllers are functioning and correctly programmed.
  • Confirm all lamps, electrical sockets and appliances are functioning.
  • Program security or external lighting to function after dark, especially during viewings.
  • Add extra lighting if there are dark spots in any of the rooms.
  • Ensure there is lighting in the loft for the potential buyers to view the loft space easily.
  • Replace any fluorescent strip lights with LED spotlights.


  • Repair or replace dated or damaged flooring in all rooms.
  • Clean, sand, paint or varnish wooden floors.
  • Restore indentations in carpets and floors.

Clean, clean, clean

  • Engage a professional cleaning company if possible.
  • Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your property from top to bottom.
  • Clean curtains, blinds and soft furnishings in all rooms or replace them with new.
  • Fix the source of any smells inside or outside your home.
  • Screen away bins from the main entranceway to the property.
  • Send pets to professional groomers where appropriate.
  • Wash and air pet belongings, placing away from the main entrance and living areas.
  • Open windows to air the house so there are no lingering smells.

Give rooms a function

  • Create room functions according to your target market, removing excess furniture.
  • Arrange rooms with relevant furniture, furnishings and accessories.
  • Show potential buyers how to use awkward spaces.

Prepare individual rooms

  • Make certain the entranceway is bright and well-lit.
  • Ensure you have clear access to the interior and exterior of the front entrance.
  • Place clean or new doormats inside and outside the front door.
  • Paint or replace cupboard / drawer fronts, cracked and dated tiles and splashbacks.
  • Ensure all drawers and cupboards open and close properly.
  • Replace cupboard and drawer handles and knobs with new contemporary fittings.
  • Replace the worktop and kitchen tap.
  • Replace any appliances that are damaged, not working or outdated.
  • Re-grout tiled areas and apply new silicone.
Lounge and dining rooms
  • Replace any outdated furniture and fittings and repair any damaged items.
  • Furnish each area appropriately, ensuring there is good flow, accessibility and balance.
  • Group seating for comfort and easy conversation in the lounge.
  • Ensure you have adequate seating and eating spaces for the size of property.
  • Use soft furnishings and accessories to create the relevant look for your target buyer.
  • Have your chimney cleaned and ensure sufficient heating, especially during viewings.
  • Ensure that window dressing reflects the image you expect.
  • Clear up wardrobes, bedding and other items, storing or donating possessions.
  • Remove excess items from walls and floors, including children’s art, posters and toys.
  • Remove bulky storage systems and replace with suitable (free standing) furniture.
  • Replace dated furniture or repair and paint damaged items.
  • Show bedrooms as light and airy, ensuring windows are not obstructed by furniture.
  • Return bedrooms used for another purpose to their original functions.
  • Use correct sized beds to display room size, confirming number of bedrooms.
  • Complete setting up each bedroom with bedside cabinets, lamps, art and mirrors.
  • Accessorise with scatter cushions, rugs and throws for target age group.
  • Make beds with fresh, neutral and ironed bed linen.
Ensuite, family bathroom and cloakroom
  • Create sufficient storage in all these rooms for items such as toiletries and towels.
  • Put away personal items, replacing with suitable accessories.
  • Replace damaged or dated suites, worktops and handles as required. Fit wall mirrors.
  • Replace old shower curtains with new or install a shower screen.
  • Open up windows to air the rooms and ensure the extractor fans are working.
  • Wipe away all condensation after using these rooms, and especially before viewings.
Home office or study
  • Declutter the area or room, removing inappropriate furniture, fittings and accessories.
  • Clean and tidy the room, refurnishing according to home office requirements.
  • Store away printers or bulky items in an office cupboard.
  • Make sure all wires are hidden and the desk is free of clutter.
  • Refurnish the room according to size of space and office requirements.
  • Ensure you have sufficient natural and ceiling lights as well as desk lamps.
Utility room
  • Declutter the utility or laundry rooms and cleared out old and damaged items.
  • Repair, replace or create storage areas which can be closed away.
  • Sort through all the items and products, disposing damaged articles.
  • Replace outdated or non-functioning appliances.
  • Store all items in cleaned, closed storage spaces.
  • Air the room out, opening windows or using the extractor fan.
  • Remove all condensation before viewings.

Exterior and curb appeal

  • Cut back and tidy hedges, trees, gardens and lawns, replacing as necessary.
  • Clear, clean and repair or replace gutters, downpipes and drain covers.
  • Clean and repair cracks in driveway, pathways and boundary walls.
  • Paint, re-stain or replace damaged fence panels and trellis.
  • Store away toys and equipment lying in the garden.
  • Ensure any gates are repaired, painted and oiled to work properly.
  • De-clutter, tidy and clean sheds, green houses and outbuildings; repaint if necessary.
  • Sweep or jet wash any patio and deck surfaces and re-stain any wooden decking.
  • Clean, repair and repaint the garage door and exterior woodwork for all outbuildings.
  • Jet wash and repaint the exterior of the property.
  • Clean, repair and repaint or replace the front door and / or door furniture.
  • Affix a clear house name or street number and ensure the front door bell works.
  • Remove any rubbish from the property; clean up and clear away any pet droppings.
  • Hide all bins out of sight.
  • Stage the rear patio with new outdoor furniture, colourful pots and flowering plants.
  • Place pots with new shrubs or flowering plants on either side of the front door.
  • Place clean or new welcoming doormats outside the front door.
  • Add to the appeal of the house; introduce small items e.g. pebbled areas in the garden.

Take professional photographs

  • If possible, be at the property with the photographer to make final styling adjustments.
  • Check the property photos and descriptions to ensure that your staging is cohesive.
  • Obtain the correct rights from the photographer so you can use the images.

Viewing day

  • Ensure pets have been removed and their possessions stored out of sight.
  • Open the windows, curtains and blinds to let in natural light and reveal the view.
  • Keep the property free of cooking, pet and cigarette smells.
  • Wipe off condensation from the windows.
  • Tidy up the house, clear and clean all surfaces, basins, sinks and taps.
  • Make sure the dishes are washed and put away, as are tea towels.
  • Remove any remaining clutter on kitchen worktops; place a bowl of fresh fruit there.
  • Check the dinner table is set correctly with a vase of fresh or faux flowers.
  • Put clean linen on the beds and fresh towels in the bathroom.
  • Close the laundry basket and all the toilet seat lids.
  • Lock away the computer and any sensitive and confidential documents.
  • Check that all wall mirrors and artworks are hanging straight.
  • Turn off the television and audio systems.
  • Leave all the doors inside and outside your home open for easy access.
  • Leave the loft hatch pole in clear sight and the loft ladder down, or a ladder close by.
  • Make sure all doors leading off the hallway are open to create a sense of space.
  • Switch on the heating and fire if viewings are held in the colder months.
  • Turn off the television and audio systems.
  • Ensure the hallway is clear and the light is on before you leave the property.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog.  Good luck with your property staging!

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